How Slough Are You?

How Slough are you? It's the question we all want to know .. many of us have grown up watching Slough blossom into the beautiful flower it now is, from Mars to Salt Hill park it's delightful..

It's Slough...It's Chalvey..It's Cippenham and Langley's the Britwell ..It's home from home for many and the place of our birth, it has THREE!! exits off the M4

Created by: Luke
  1. Harry's nightclub was the classiest joint in Slough, what gave it it's chic edge?
  2. Slough Town were once a great Conference football team .. what is the teams also known as?
  3. "Oh friendly Bombs come rain on slough" was a famous line from a poem by..
  4. Slough is twinned with....
  5. When did the Horlicks landmark building open?
  6. What can you smell when you reach junction 7 of the M4?
  7. The word Slough means.
  8. What programme is Slough most featured in?
  9. According to the British Crime Survey, which town has the worst rate of crime among the 15 most comparable area's?
  10. In a recent survey by TVP, which area has the highest assault rate per head per mile than any other place in Western Europe?

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Quiz topic: How Slough am I?