Journeys: Venturing Out

Please read this carefully. They are your instructions for the adventure you are soon to embark on. You will NOT answer every question in order, instead you will make your choices and where your choice leads you to will determine which question you go to.

For example: if I were to choose between running up a hill and walking up a hill, and it said if I picked running to go to question 10, I would not go to the next question first, I'd go straight to ten. This quiz has a Choose-your-own-adventure feel.

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. You may Only continue if you have read the description because it contains your instructions. Got it?
  2. You are an eighteen-year-old. You pack up, say goodbye to your family. You decide its time you had an adventure. You walk for a while, then come to a fork in the road. The two streets there are Bloom Road and Link Way. If you want to walk on Bloom road, go to question 6. If you choose Link Way, go to question 5.
  3. You walk on Link Way for a while. By dark, you are tired, and need a place to rest. Go to question seven.
  4. You walk along Bloom street. By dark, you come to a hotel. You pay for a suite and rest for the night. Now its morning! To stay at the hotel, go to question eight.
  5. You end up sleeping with a farmer. (not in his bed, just in his house). At 2 a. M. He shoots you. Or at least he tries to. He gets ready to fire again! To hide under the bed, go to question nine. To run, go to question ten.
  6. A policeman comes to the hotel. To leave, go to question eleven NOW. To stay, keep reading this part. The policeman arrests the owners for something faux with the hotel. You get your money back, and get in your way quickly.
  7. The farmer discovers you. "Sorry. I thought you were a wild animal! Lets go get some firewood, I'm chilly," says the farmer.
  8. The farmer keeps chasing you until he finally shoots you, badly injuring your leg. He leaves, and you lay limp in the cold until someone comes and takes you to the hospital.
  9. The policeman arrests you, and you have to stay in jail. THE END.
  10. If you went to the hospital, you get better in a week and start walking. THE END.

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