Choose your own Destiny Quiz

By taking this quiz you are embarking on a choose your own destiny quiz based on your previous life choices. Hopefully you will get a good ending and not one of those ones like at the end of a choose your own adventure book where you die.

Usually you die in a really weird way in those ones, too. Like, you were walking down a hall and then all of a sudden for no reason at all there is an evil wizard and he shoots a fireball at you and you die. That sucks. I used to cheat at those when I read them by writing down the pages with all the good endings.

Created by: S.H. Skuld
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you like to do on the weekend?
  2. You find a wallet on the ground. What do you do?
  3. Pick something you like from the list below:
  4. Pick the meal that you would like to eat the most right now:
  5. When you see an accident on the highway you:
  6. Your dream job is:
  7. You dream about:
  8. You fantasize about:
  9. Something you have always wanted to do?
  10. Would you say that you are clumsy?
  11. Would you consider your self a people person?
  12. Are you popular?
  13. Do you:
  14. Do you like extreme sports?
  15. Do you worry about the current state of the world?
  16. Are you and organized person?
  17. Do you smoke?
  18. Do you go by an alias or have a nickname?
  19. Describe yourself
  20. Have you ever stolen anything?
  21. Do you like your current job?
  22. Do you know what larping is?
  23. Could you train a chimpanzee to do your job?
  24. In general, do you feel that you are smarter than other people?
  25. Do you take chances?
  26. The glass is:
  27. Do you have pets?
  28. Did you lie on any of the questions on this quiz?

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