Are you phycic and how much are you

if you are telekinetic you are destined to take this quiz today and now its your destiny not mine and if you neglect your destiny it will come when you least expect it and probably at a time when not needed and not at a time needed

this is your destiny to find you power like the hero's form the show hero's and like them be inner twined with others in a life's journey to figure out your purpose

Created by: kenneth fontenelle

  1. do you think that you can fly if you tried hard enough
  2. what fighting style are you
  3. can meditation bring you more spiritual energy
  4. can you sense spirits when somewhere unfamiliar
  5. how high do you think you spiritual energy is
  6. do you think you telekinetic
  7. is power everything to anyone or just you
  8. last question, what power do you think you locked in you deep away
  9. how much power do you think one person should have
  10. which super hero do you prefer the most

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Quiz topic: Am I phycic and how much am I