Alien Invasion Survival Quiz

ALIENS ARE ATTACKING!!!! Choose your destiny of survival!! What would you do you got bitten? What kinds of weapons would you use? What would you do if they ambushed you?

Do you got what it takes to survive the attack?! Some people don't, and some people do. It's about risk taking, making life-threatening choices, and more.

Created by: Hayleigh

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  1. You're in your home, watching T.V. and a special news bulletin comes on. The anchor dude is screaming that the Earth is under attack. There are numerous explosions in the background. The electricity goes out. What do you do to prepare yourself?!
  2. Choose a weapon:
  3. Your friend gets dragged off, screaming their head off. What do you do?!
  4. You see flying saucers in the distance. What do you do?!
  5. You get ambushed in the woods. What do you do?!
  6. Choose a vehicle:
  7. Best place to hide:
  8. You run down the street to find a whole block of abandoned houses. What do you do?!
  9. You get bitten! Your arm is turning purple. What do you do?!
  10. Some people take you into their house and feed you, but they're acting really weird. You suspect they're aliens in disguise. What do you do?!

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