How much alien DNA do you have?

Ever wondered why you are so different from most people? Are you fascinated by aliens or do you have an aversion to aliens/alien information? Do you have an interest in all things ET.Do you sometimes wonder if you are from another planet? Do you wonder if you may have some alien DNA in you at all?

Well...taking this quiz will let you know how much you belong to this world and what a percentage of alien DNA you have or how much of a weirdo you are.And it is also a bit of fun and a good pastime.The answer may surprise you;you may be very alien indeed.Give it a go and find out.

Created by: Gloria
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  1. Do you have memories of being "poked"?
  2. Has there been a period in your life when you had spontaneous nosebleeds?
  3. Is there a certain amount of time loss/that you can't account for?
  4. Do you panick(or intensely sweat)at the thought of being examined by an ear/nose and throat specialist?
  5. Do you have/hear a regular ringing(more like whistling)sound in your ears?
  6. Do you feel like you don't belong to this world/planet?
  7. Do you have psychic abilities?
  8. Have you got unexplained marks on your body?
  9. Do you sometimes relate to animals more than you relate to humans?
  10. Have you often got a metallic taste in your mouth?

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Quiz topic: How much alien DNA do I have?