Choose your Death!

I believe I can discover how people will die. I can read your soul by you truthfully answering these haunting questions. "Choose your death" quiz is a bit scary, but its something we do think about-- and its something that you must find out in order to reduce from it with your awarness. You must only try this quiz once!

Do you really want to know how you are going to die? If you don't! please do not take this quiz. If you do take this quiz, It's gives you a hint on what awaits you. Nows your chance to save yourlife by knowing your destiny

Created by: Chris

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you normally do before you reveal yourself in public?
  2. What kind of a "True" person are you? (Remember--be honest)
  3. What really makes you weep/sad/depressed?
  4. How do YOU PERSONALY want to die?
  5. I am living my life perfectly and everything is going to great!!!
  6. How long do you think you'll live?
  7. I have a past friend (B/F or G/F) that loves me to this day. But theres something creepy knowing that
  8. I have met someone off-line
  9. What out of these dreams have you had?
  10. What type of style?

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