Are you a legend of zelda fanatic?

Are you a Zelda Fanatic? If yes, go on and test your knowledge of the Zelda World. Please, no cheating on this test. If you don't know a question, choose the best possible answer. However, be warned, the best possible answer is almost never the right one.

How many Legend of Zelda game have you played? Hopefully, a lot, if you wish to survive my ultimate test of death. Maybe I should leave the death part out of the name... It tends to scare people away...

Created by: Ray
  1. Who is Link?
  2. In Legend of Zelda, Majora's mask, Who do you get the Bremen's mask from?
  3. What does OoT stand for?
  4. What do Ganon and Ganondorf have in common?
  5. What is a Rupee?
  6. Which comes first chronologically, Wind Waker, or Twilight Princess? (Note: I mean chronologically in the LoZ universe.)
  7. How do you get a heart container?
  8. In MM, what is the main conflict of the story?
  9. In which game are there musical frogs?
  10. To defeat BongoBongo, what three weapons are required?
  11. Extra Credit: What is your Gender?
  12. FINALE QUESTION: How many Zelda games are there (up until and including Skyward Sword)?

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Quiz topic: Am I a legend of zelda fanatic?