How well do you know Zelda?

There are many Zelda fans in the world and many people that like the series. More than a million people have played the games. But how do we separate the true fans from those who just like to play the games?

How well do YOU know Zelda. This quiz is designed to determine if you are a TRUE Zelda fan or just a fan wannabe! How much do you really know about the series? Take the test to find out!

Created by: Daney
  1. How many pieces are there in the triforce?
  2. Name the 3 Gods
  3. Who is the hero in each zelda game?
  4. What was the third zelda game to come out?
  5. Which 2D Zelda game was the only game to break the overhead birdseye tradition, potentially ruining it?
  6. How many 3D Zelda games have been released so far?? (11/11/2007) (not including Master Quest as its own game)
  7. How many dungeons are there in total in the Ocarina of time (inclusive Ganon's tower, Ice Cavern and obtaining the keys to the temple of time)??
  8. How many masks are there in total in Majora's Mask
  9. Who created The Legend of Zelda?
  10. When was Link's Awakening first released?
  11. How many instruments do you need to enter the Windfish?
  12. What is the name of the little boy in Twilight Princess who has Link as his idol?
  13. What tribe of people does link live with, but not belong to in Ocarina of Time?
  14. What is the nickname of the Royal Family's Song?
  15. .... Who sings this song to Zelda as a little kid?
  16. How many hearts does a fairy restore in most, if not all Zelda games?
  17. Which female is the Orcale of Seasons?
  18. Which of the following Zelda games is not set in or above Hyrule?
  19. SPOILER WARNING! What is the first form of the final boss in Twilight Princess?
  20. What is the first song you learn to compose with the Windwaker?
  21. What is the original release date of The Legend of Zelda
  22. How many zelda games are there to date? (11/11/2007) (inclusive remakes)
  23. What do the three pieces of the Triforce represent?
  24. Who carries the Wisdom Piece to the Triforce?
  25. Which of the following does not carry a piece of Triforce?
  26. Which God is the God of Wisdom?
  27. Complete the song Serenade of...?
  28. What is the name of the fairy who assists Link in Ocarina of Time?
  29. What is the name of the fairy who assists Link in Majora's Mask?
  30. SPOILER WARNING! What is the final boss in Majora's Mask?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Zelda?