How Well Do You Know Zelda?

Do you know everything there is to know about the Legend of Zelda series? Prove it here by taking this test that asks you questions from multiple Zelda games.

Remember: even if you haven't played EVERY Zelda game out there, I only quiz you on a few of the games. There is at least one from almost every Nintendo system. Good luck!

Created by: SharinganItaku
  1. In Ocarina of Time, what was the name of the lazy ranch owner?
  2. What song fragment is played when you meet Fado and Laruto in Windwaker?
  3. In Twilight Princess, what is the name put in front of many of the dungeun boss names.
  4. What is the full name of the King of Hyrule?
  5. How does Tetra the pirate really lose her mother?
  6. What race of creatures is most likely direct descendants of the Kokiri?
  7. How does Tetra truly feel about Link?
  8. In Oracle of Seasons, what is the name of the boxing kangaroo?
  9. What is the first actual mission in Link's Awakening?
  10. What character is Laruto loosely based on? (hint: it's an Ocarina of Time character)

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