Paul's 1st and 2nd Journeys

This is a quiz to see how much you actually know about Paul's First and Second Journeys from Acts. These 20 questions will help you know how much you might need to study!

Have you been dying to find out how much you know about Paul's first and second journeys? Maybe not. But you might as well take the quiz anyway. You never know, you might be a bible genius!

Created by: Lauren C.

  1. Who were Paul's companions on the first missionary journey?
  2. When Paul and his companions came to Paphos on the island of Cyprus, they met the Proconsul who wanted to hear the word of God but the sorcerer, Elymus opposed them. What did Paul do to Elymus?
  3. Who left the missionary journey and returned home to Jerusalem?
  4. In Lystra Paul healed a crippled man who he saw had faith to be healed. How long had the man been crippled?
  5. Why did Paul and his companions return to Lystra, Iconium, Antioch, and Perga?
  6. When they returned home to Antioch, they gathered the church together and informed them about what?
  7. James thought the Gentiles should not have to worry about Jewish laws, but didn't want to offend the Jewish believers. How did they share this news with the Gentiles?
  8. At Antioch, what were Paul and Barnabas invited to do?
  9. At the Ministry of Lystra, what gods did the people think Paul and Barnabas were?
  10. Who was one of the companions of Paul and Barnabas on the second missionary journey?
  11. What two people later join the second missionary journey?
  12. Timothy the disciple's mother was Jewish but his father was...
  13. During the second missionary journey Paul had a vision of a man asking for his help and begging him to come to what place?
  14. The Holy Ghost forbid Paul and his companions to go to what place?
  15. When Paul and his companions were on the second journey they met a woman named Lydia from Thyatira. Where did they meet her?
  16. When they were being followed by the girl who was possessed by a spirit, what did Paul do to the spirit?
  17. When they were trapped in the prison at Philippi on their second journey, what occurred that made the prison doors open, and their chains fall?
  18. On their second journey, they came to Berea. Compared to the Jews at Thessalonica they were more...
  19. On their second journey, why was Paul greatly distressed in Athens?
  20. What was the occupation of the Jew named Aquila who Paul met in Corinth on his second journey?

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