Paul's Missionary Journeys 1&2

Okay, there are many people who read the Bible but very few who actually know what is going on. Time to check what you know about Paul's first and second journey.

So do you know the book of Acts? It is time to test just how much you truly know about Paul and his first and second missionary journeys. Let's hope you studied.

Created by: Jordan Hughes
  1. What happened after Paul preached in the synagogue at Antioch?
  2. When Paul and Barnabas were in the city of Lystra, what did people call them and why?
  3. What did Paul and Barnabas do on their return trip to Antioch?
  4. In Judea the council discussed the laws that determined how one must be saved, What was the main question and its answer?
  5. In what way were the Gentiles supposed to be saved?
  6. The apostles sent two others with Paul and Barnabas to Antioch, who were they?
  7. The apostles had sent a letter to the people at Antioch, what did that letter say?
  8. What happened with the people in Derbe?
  9. Paul was sent a vision from God telling him and the others to go where and why?
  10. While in Antioch, Barnabas and Paul had a strong disagreement over allowing another to join them, who was it?
  11. In the city of Troas, Paul, Silas, and Timothy were joined by a fourth man making this a firsthand account who joined them?
  12. Upon meeting Timothy, Paul wanted him to be circumcised for what reason?
  13. Outside the city of Philippi, Paul and the others with him met a young woman and her household from Thyatira, who was this woman?
  14. During that time in Philippi, Paul and Silas where punished for expelling a spirit from a slave girl, what were their punishments?
  15. The people of this city were described as noble in character?
  16. Where did the Athenians ask to hear more about God from Paul?
  17. In the city of Thessalonica, Paul caused a great uproar among the people, what did he do to cause this?
  18. When Paul visited Corinth he came to stay with a jewish man by what name and what was this man's occupation?
  19. The proconsul of Achaia and the Jews, spoke down about Paul saying what?
  20. On his return trip to Antioch, Paul took a vow. What did he do at Cenchrea to keep this vow?

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