Grange Hill quiz

This is a quiz about Grange Hill. It has a question 4 s1-8. There r some people who know a lot about Grange Hill. If u do uv probably got a pretty good memory.

So how much do u know about Grange Hill ? Do u have a good memory ? If ur younger than about 30, i doubt u can remember back to b4 u were born, becuz, that was when Grange Hill was aired.

Created by: Chester Cogley

  1. What form r Tucker, Alan, Trisha and Cathy moved in2 in series 1 ?
  2. In s2e8, which character is stalked by a man who is in fact her father ?
  3. In s3e9, why is Penny Lewis banned from the school magazine ?
  4. In s4e8, which character does Duane have a crush on ?
  5. In s5e13, which character gets mixed up with bad girls ?
  6. In s6e13, why r Claire, Suzanne and Christine given a weeks suspension ?
  7. In s7e15, why has Annette's bike gone missing ?
  8. In s8e6, who is Zammo heartbroken, to see going out with Banksy ?
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