Whats your wolf pack?

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There are many types of wolves in the world what type are you to determine the type of pack and the wolf you are come here. This is a safe for all ages but enhancing quiz.

Are YOU an Alpha or Omega strong or scared lets find out its quick easy and fun :D. All you must do is answer some questions like your a wolf then your result will be determined.

Created by: Bob Jr.
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  1. You're full but you see a yummy appetizer
  2. You're in Love but someone is challenging you for the same wolf!
  3. You're SUPER busy when a pack meeting is needed.
  4. White or green?
  5. Right or left
  6. Are you embarrassed that you forgot an important rule?
  7. What do you want to do now?
  8. Show some respect to those who are higher-ranked than you.
  9. Attack Defense or both
  10. Finally pick a choice - Pampered,Loved,Angerish,Scared,Brave,A little of all.

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Quiz topic: Whats my wolf pack?