What rank would you have if you were in a wolf pack?

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Have you ever wondered what rank you would be if you were in a wolf pack? Well come on down and take this quiz, People, There's cooookiiieesss >:)....

Are you a strong leader like an Alpha? Are you strong, Yet a clumsy leader like a Beta? Are you unintelligent and not exactly strong, Like the omega?

Created by: Leviathan

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  1. Do you get the first bite of fresh prey?
  2. How old would you want to be if you were a wolf? (In human years.)
  3. Would you like to be in a pack, Or would you prefer being a loner?
  4. Do you like fighting?
  5. What do you like to do most of your day?
  6. What would your class be?
  7. If curiousity got the best of you, Would you wander away from your pack?
  8. Would you be a strong leader?
  9. Pick the word that describes you best
  10. Last question. Is the wolf your favorite animal?

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