What is your rank in a pack?

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Wolves rank in many levels Alpha,Beta,Omega,and even The Pups are a rank.Each rank allows you to do your own abilties like eat first,how strong you are,and if your a playful spirit our not!

This quiz will help you figure out what your rank in a pack is.What is your rank?Who knows what you might get?Take this quiz and find out what your position in pack ranking is!

Created by: Charlotte of Horseland
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  1. Are you mean to others?
  2. Are you strong?
  3. Whats your favorite color?
  4. Are you the leader of your friends?
  5. What do you do on your free time?
  6. Are you bad tempered?
  7. Do you have kids?
  8. How would your friends describe you?
  9. How would you describe your self?
  10. Where wuold you prefer to live?

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Quiz topic: What is my rank in a pack?