What wolf would you howl?

Would you roam the wild? Can you handle the moon, the hunting, the HUNTERS, Fires, the pack? Only few are true survivers in this tragic World! Could YOU make it?

Are you scared or frightened to be alone? Don't worry, you will have your pack on your back at all costs.... Or will you want to be a loner with all of the problems of the forest?

Created by: Bailee

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  1. Your friend has gotten into a fight with another wolf. You know your friend is always daring but also understand that there is no way he can win the fight. You....
  2. You are hunting away from your pack when you come across something tasty looking. You....
  3. A strang wolf comes up to you that you have never seen before. You are alone guarding your pack'sfood. How do you signal the wolf you are of no threat? Or do youfight? What do you do?
  4. How are you best described?
  5. Do you like to have a lot of people around you? Well, in this case wolves.
  6. Are you okay with small, crammed up places?
  7. What symol do you think would best describe you? Sorry, there is no other.
  8. Describe your friend pod.
  9. Do you like to have a job or something to do or just lie around?
  10. are you ready to see what kind of wolf you would have been?! (Answer does NOT effect your score!)

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