Your Wolf Personality

What is your wolf personality? A kind loner? A loyal pack member? A protective Alpha? A scared outcast? Take the quiz now and find out! See what your results are!

This quiz was originaly created to help those that are working to creat a character for a wolf RP. But of course it can be taken just for fun! So go on. See what sort of wolf you would make!

Created by: Anniemalzz
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  1. You are out on a hunt. What are you most likely to hunt?
  2. You come across a nice little outcove of unclaimed land with a cozzy little den only a short walk from a fresh pond and excelent hunting. The perfect little peice of land land. Do you claim it?
  3. You are out exploring and come across a friendly stranger. What do you do?
  4. You are out exploring and come across an agressive loner. How do you respond?
  5. You are out on a walk and find a lost pup. How do you react?
  6. You are out on a walk and come across a wounded wolf that has been seperated from its pack. What do you do?
  7. While out and about, you come across a pack and they happn to offer you a place amonge them. Do you accept?
  8. You are considering finding a mate. What would you look for?
  9. Using no more than a few words, how would you describe your puppy hood?
  10. Your mate wants puppies. What are your feelings on this?
  11. Based on your answers, what do you think your result will be?

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