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The Pinewood pack is in danger. A mysterious danger lurks the forest. You are Frost, a white/silver she-wolf with blue eyes, a youth in the pack. Let me explain the rules; There will be choice questions, so if you didn't pick a path on a question, just pick DIDN'T CHOOSE. Kk? Cool. Comment on who you got! FYI, I tried to make it not too lovey-dovey, but its kinda hard, ya know. Like, what other results can you get. Leave me a comment

FYI the name of the series is The Prophesy Wolf. Inside info: Ilia is the wolf God, there are 3 packs: Mountainflight, Oakpaw, and Pinewood. You are in Pinewood, just to be clear. Your alpha is Mist. Comment on what you thought/who you got, and rate it :)

Created by: Darkestfox09
  1. Ravine leans in close and you recoil slightly. "I... I have a... Curse. There was a prophesy when I was born, about how I would be snatched from my den and grow in a different pack, not knowing my parents." Fear fills his yellow eyes. "And it also said I would find a way to stop the earthquake. But there's a line... 'A wolf with a nose of red and brown, shall light the spark and bring you down.'"
  2. "And you need to help me, because I think the wolf is Agni."
  3. Just then, there's a rustle in the bushes about the entrance to the camp. The patrols come in, holding three whimpering pups. Your heart soars as they put them down and they race to Ashstorm. Faolan and Peaktail break away from the group, and head towards Ravine and you.
  4. Faolan's breath warms your face as Silverclaw, Adoff and Biryuk all race over. Ravine takes off to the den with Faolan, but Peaktail and Silverclaw motion for you to join them...
  5. You decide to stay with Silverclaw and Peaktail. "Where were the pups?" You ask Peaktail. He shrugs. "I dunno. I think Lobo Biryuk and Blaez found them near the border between us and the Oakpaw pack." He sits down and flicks his tail towards you waiting for a reaction.
  6. You shake your head, not knowing what to think. "Let's go back to the den. I'm exhausted." Yawns Silverclaw. You follow her into the den. You sleep next to...
  7. You decide to go with Ravine and Faolan. You lick Silverclaw's cheek, and turn to Faolans grey tail and follow them into the den. Faolan settles down beside you and grooms your coat softly, while Ravine puts his chin on his paws and watches you.
  8. "What happened after I blacked out?" You ask. Ravine looks away, but Faolan responds enthusiastically. "Well, I saw you because I was out hunting, and I heard the bear from a long way off. So I raced towards you, grabbed you, and pulled you back before the bear hit you. Then Cuan helped hall you back to camp." His tongue is warm as he starts grooming you again.
  9. The next morning you woke up. If you chose to follow Ravine and Faolan, you are sleeping next to Faolan who has his head on you flank. If you went with Silverclaw and Peaktail, you slept entwined with her. You get up and stretch, nudging Ravine with your nose. "Hmm?" He peers blurrily up at you. "Yes?" You prod him with your claw, and walk to the den entrance but glance back at him. "I want to know more about the prophesy thing." You say. He gets up with a grumble, and you both scramble into a small thicket near the den. Ravine is very close, his breath washes over your muzzle...
  10. "What happened after you were taken?" You ask finally. He thinks for a moment. "I was found in the woods by the pack, and taken in. But Ashstorm was talking about the prophesy, and she said it was me. So then I knew. Maybe that's why my mother abandoned me..."
  11. You hear a rustling in the bushes behind you, and Agni noses in right near your face. He keeps one eye on you as he speaks. "What are you doing?" His anger, you realise, is directed at Ravine.
  12. You stay where you are. Agni licks your cheek then motions you to follow him. You shoot Ravine an apologetic look, and push out of the thicket. Then you see Agni standing in the shadows. You follow him, but he skirts around behind you, then presses in very close. "Listen, I don't think Ravine is trust-worthy." He says softly, his eyes half closed. He draws very, very close; he is almost touching you...
  13. You move between Ravine and Agni. Agni shoots you an angry look, then a guilty expression crosses his face, and he puts his chin on your shoulder and curls his body around you. You freeze, but then Ravine growls.
  14. Then a dull howl sounds off in the distance. All three of you immediately glance into the star-studded sky. Then another answering howl from behind the camp. Then a third from the east. Wolves are surrounding your camp! Mist bounds up on the rock, and calls the pack with a bark, and all the hunters rush in. "I believe we are under attack!"
  15. You realise that Faolan is missing!!! What do you do?
  16. Ravine suddenly grabs you from behind. "Their after me." He growls, but there is fear in his eyes. "We have to go." You yip. "But what about Faolan?!" He flares his nostrils. "Fine. We'll find him on the way." Then he takes of through the woods. You glance back. Agni, Silverclaw and Peaktail all stand there, looking heart broken. "I have to go." You say. You move forwards to embrace Silverclaw, and lick...
  17. Whoever you licked nuzzled your neck softly. If you licked Peaktail, Agni looked away sourly. "I'll be back once I make sure Ravine is safe, and we find Faolan. I'll see you again, promise." They all embrace you, then you run after Ravine.
  18. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!
  19. cLIfF HANgeR!!
  20. So, it gets complex from here. You can take the quiz: Wolf Role Play part 5: Pinewood, where you stay with Agni/Peaktail/Silverclaw. Or Wolf Role Play part 5: Oakpaw, where you convince Ravine to help you find Faolan, OR Wolf Role Play part 5: Mountainflight, where you go on the run with Ravine in the mountains, and wait. Your choice!
  21. Ok, bye! Keep an eye out for part 5.

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