Your Wolf Name, Appearnce, and Personality

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If you were a wolf what would your appearance, personality, and name be? Ever wondered? Well, if you have, here you go! The perfect way to find this information!

What would you as a wolf look like? Would you be black? White, maybe? Grey? What about your personality? Would you be kind? Caring? Confident or loyal? What about your name? What will it be? Find out in this quiz! (Please comment if you liked it! And if you didn't please tell me what you think I can do to improve it!)

Created by: LeaderOfThePack
  1. What is your Favorite Color?
  2. What is your favorite wild food listed here?
  3. What's your favorite element?
  4. How do you feel about Fighting?
  5. How would your friends describe You?
  6. If you were a wolf what rank would you be in your pack?
  7. If you were a wolf, what would your pack life be life? Would you...
  8. What's your special trait?
  9. What's your favorite sport?
  10. Just wondering, how'd you like this quiz? (Doesn't affect your final answer.)

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Quiz topic: My Wolf Name, Appearnce, and Personality