What Wolf Are You?

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Wolf lovers!!! Haven't you ever wondered what fur color matches your personality? What about your social status in a pack? Well, this quiz analyzes your answers and ranks you based on your intelligence, attitude, and ambition.

Awhoooo!!! This quiz should send you off with fire in your paws! Don't worry about trying to be an Alpha, answer truthfully, you may be surprised! Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: WildWolf
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  1. It's a pack member's birthday tomorrow, what do you do in preparation.
  2. Wolves visit from another pack, you:
  3. You're asked to get your Alpha a meal. What do you give them?
  4. A wolf is favored by the Alpha who is aging quickly, he is soon to appoint the the new alpha. You;
  5. A bear attacks a pup, what do you do?
  6. You go for a hunt and return as the pack has already began eating.You:
  7. Two of the pack members are getting becoming mates! You are asked to choose a job for the celebration:
  8. Now on to the personal preference stuff: What is your favorite animal out of those listed below?
  9. If you actually were a wolf, what is your preference of fur color?
  10. On to the final question: Let's say you are the Alpha(Whether you want to be or not), where would you have your pack live?

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