What Wolf Rank Are You?

Hello, welcome to the quiz! pick an answer that you would do if you were in a pack. This will reveal your rank! Please share and play with your friends or family!

Please be honest when choosing the answers. If you do not choose the correct answer, the result will not be accurate. Have fun while taking the quiz and reading the results!

Created by: Oceanpool~

  1. You get attacked by another wolf for disagreeing with them, what do you do?
  2. You get an order to watch an alpha's pup, you:
  3. You see that the pack has brought down a caribou, your mouth waters as you see the wolves chase each other from the food, you:
  4. You hear the pack is going hunting, you:
  5. What do you prefer to do?:
  6. You heard that someone was spreading rumors about you, what do you do?:
  7. You start to get bullied, what do you do?
  8. You Bit someone, you:
  9. Another wolf bites you, what do you do?:
  10. You are getting kicked out of the pack, you:

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Quiz topic: What Wolf Rank am I?