What Rank Are You In Sinister Hearts Clan??

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What rank are YOU!!?? find out now!! If you want to join Sinister Hearts Pack Just Take The Quiz and BE HONEST! so that you get the rank that best suites you!!

Could you be.. Alpha Female?? Beta Male?? Beta Female?? Omega?? Or Even a Pup?? Be honsest and find out now what your true rank is!! :3 ............

Created by: Leighton

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Rank Would You Want To Be??
  2. Another Clan Comes Into Our Territory/Camp You..??
  3. The Clan Gets Hungry and Its Your Job To Hunt You..??
  4. You're a Queen and you've took you're kits on a long walk around the camp. When you get to the nursery you realize one of your kits are missing, you..??
  5. You're a kit, you decide to go into the territory to snoop around because you know that ur clan is over in one corner so you wont get caught, but u see another clan member tresspassing and it sees u and starts to attack, you..??
  6. You are a Senior Warrior/Warrior, there is 4 tresspassers in our territory, you..??
  7. You want our clan to be..??
  8. You are an Apprentice/Medicine cat, you were told when you started the clan that you were not alowed to have a mate or kits, but you hav, you..??
  9. We are in a fight with another clan!! Your best friend is in the other clan. you..??
  10. Would you let another clan tresspass on our territory

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Quiz topic: What Rank am I In Sinister Hearts Clan??