How Good Do You Know the First Warriors Series?

Soon, I'll make more warrior cat quizzes! Warrior cats live in Clan Societies, with a bunch of other Clanmates. ThunderClan is strong, ShadowClan is unpredictible, WindClan is fast and RicerClan can swim.

What is your rank, for the first series anyway. The lowest is kittypet and the highest is leader. Hope you get leader! You probably will get leader as your rank!

Created by: Morgyn
  1. What was Bluestar's warrior name?
  2. Who Was Bluestar's sister?
  3. What color was Firepaw's collar?
  4. Which cats lead Rusty to the ThunderClan camp?
  5. What's the name of the Clan deputy?
  6. How did Tigerclaw get his name?
  7. Who was Firepaw's mentor?
  8. What color are Firepaw's eyes?
  9. What names do Firepaw and Graypaw take?
  10. What mission does Bluestar give Fireheart and Graystripe?
  11. Who saves Graystripe from drowning in the river?
  12. Who does Firheart catch meeting Graystripe?
  13. Who is deputy of ThunderClan?
  14. What happened to Cinderpaw?
  15. How did Silverstream die?
  16. Where does Graystripe go?
  17. What is Cinderpaw going to become?
  18. Who becomes Fireheart's apprentice?
  19. Who had tried to murder Bluestar?
  20. Who becomes the new deputy?
  21. What ruins ThunderClan's camp?
  22. Who helps ThunderClan?
  23. What did Tigerstar do?
  24. Who dies from the pack?
  25. Who gets badly disfigured?
  26. How does ThunderClan beat the dogs?
  27. Who helps Fireheart drag Bluestar to the shore?
  28. How many medicine cats appear to give Firestar his nine lives?
  29. Who are Graystripe's kits?
  30. Which two make up TigerClan?
  31. Who kills Tigerstar?
  32. Who kills Scourge?
  33. What was TigerClan's meeting place?

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Quiz topic: How Good do I Know the First Warriors Series?