What wolf rank are you.

So welcome to the wolf test, Like wolfs cool as they are they are not as cool as this test. I'll calculate you scores and tell you what will your rank be in a rank.

The world is taking over by humans the animals try to hide but a mysterious man and came and said what if we humans are animals unconsciously and don't know where to start..Heres a wolf quiz to see if your a high wolf.

Created by: Chaki

  1. Do you have a lot of friends?
  2. I will usually be the most known kid.
  3. I rather feel useless
  4. I have been always looked down on
  5. Pick a shape
  6. Pick a number
  7. Do you like the woods?
  8. Do you think Chaki is correct? (Will no affect scores)
  9. Now get paper and put your bets on screen.
  10. And I hope you like it.

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Quiz topic: What wolf rank am I.