What is your wolf pack rank?

This is a quiz to see what wolf Rank you are! This is my first quiz so sorry if its bad i tried ok:') But anyways hope you enjoy,i like potatos they are kind

Are you the Smart alpha,killer beta,loyal delta or the weak omega find out in this quiz,i will ask you acouple questions and then it will find out what rank you are.

Created by: BlackWolfGaming

  1. First question! What do you think about fighting and war
  2. Which word out of these best describes you?
  3. Are you short tempered?
  4. Rp time!!your walking through the woods at night and see a wolf thats from a different pack,you?
  5. Which word sticks out the most to you?
  6. quick pick a colour!!!
  7. If you were a wolf what prey would you catch most often?
  8. Out of these whats your fave
  9. FATE
  10. Hope you like your result baiiii x

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Quiz topic: What is my wolf pack rank?