Where do you rank in a wolf pecking order?

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Please take my wonderful quiz! If you like wolves, you will really like this one! Have you ever wondered what rank you'd be? If so, this is perfect for you!

There are six ranks, (Including the independent, lone wolf) In the quiz. This is great if you are playing a wolf game and you want to find rank rank you should play as, then it is perfect!

Created by: Animal expert

  1. Are you "Boss" in your group?
  2. Are you shy?
  3. You play a wolf now. Where do you sleep in the den?
  4. Favorite prey?
  5. Your job?
  6. You are not playing a wolf anymore. Are you a rascal?
  7. Which four words describe you best?
  8. You play wolf now. Where would your den be?
  9. When do you eat?
  10. If you were attacked by a huge bear, what would you do?
  11. Do a lot of people think your smart, and strategic?
  12. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Where do I rank in a wolf pecking order?