Teen Wolf S5E11 Quiz

There are those who think they know every episode that Teen Wolf has created up to this point. But do you really know your stuff? Can you recall every tear Stiles shed, every sink Scott ripped out and every blown eardrums thanks to Lydia?

Did I just see you snap your fingers in the air and be like: Girl, there ain't nothin' 'bout Teen Wolf I don't know! Bring it! Okay then. If you are half the Teen Wolf fan you say you are, then take this quiz!

Created by: Nona Yourbiz
  1. Scott walks into the hallway; he is dizzy and wobbly. What is the color of the helmet he drops to the floor?
  2. I am starting to seriously think about a transfer. Who said this?
  3. While Natalie (Mom) is looking at the back of Lydia's neck, what does Lydia say?
  4. In the scene where Parrish is in the shower with Lydia, he looks down. What does he see besides dirt?
  5. When we first see Stiles sitting in the waiting room, w/tear filled eyes, how many other people could be seen behind him?
  6. Malia tells Scott that she and Stiles broke up. Scott, however, does not say anything about he and Kira.
  7. How many times was Stiles knocked briefly unconscious in this episode?
  8. Parrish finds Lydia and notices she has engraved something. What was it? (hint: Lydia had two bloodied fingers)
  9. Before the vehicle leaves, Parrish tells Natalie that he is going to get Lydia out of Eichen House. Who sat next to the driver?
  10. Okay, here's a gimme. When the Dread Doctors were approaching Scott and Malia, who yelled out Get Down! and started shooting?

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