Teen Wolf S5E12 Quiz

So, you came back to try again did you? Or is this your first time? Either way, this quiz is designed to see if you are truly a Teen Wolf fan or not.

Some will succeed while others fail. Did you pay close attention to episode 12? To every line spoken, every set prop, and the color of Stiles socks? Let's find out, shall we?

Created by: Nona Yourbiz
  1. In the first scene, Valerie is driving & Hayden is the passenger. How many days did Valerie say Hayden disappeared for?
  2. Theo & Tracy are at the hospital. Tracy pokes her Dad's IV bag with her claw which then causes him to:
  3. Stiles wakes up in the Sheriffs hospital room. He looks to see his Dad is:
  4. Stiles and the Sheriff are talking in the Morgue. Who gets off the elevator and hears them speaking?
  5. What did Theo give to Josh that (hint) "shocked" him?
  6. Braeden was holding a man with a Russian accent around the neck. Once freed, he said the Desert Wolf was holding Deaton hostage.
  7. Stiles first sees The Beast on his:
  8. Lydia is seen walking into the bathroom with a white bathtub. Who comes out of the tub covered in black goo?
  9. When Sciles reunites (yay!) which room of the house is this scene in?
  10. Here is your gimme question. Which parent/child meet the Skinwalkers in the last scene of the show?

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