How Well Do You Know Teen Wolf?

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In My Quiz You Find Out If You Are Really A Teen Wolf Fan Or If Your A Fake Fan And Don't Know Anything About It. Come And Check Out On My Quiz. :) :)

Are You A True Teen Wolf Fan Or A Fake Fan? If You Want To Find Out Take My Quiz! Try It Out! What Are You Waiting For Find Out Here If You Want To Know!

Created by: gillian99

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  1. Who Was The First Crush Stiles Ever Had?
  2. Who Was Derek's Girlfriend That Peter Bit?
  3. What Is Malia's Favorite Food?
  4. What Is The Name Of Derek's Two Sisters?
  5. What Is Stiles Favorite Movie?
  6. Where Did They Say Jackson Went When He Left The Show?
  7. How Do You Kill An Oni?
  8. What Kind Of Wolf Is Kate Argent?
  9. How Long Has Stiles Had A Crush On Lydia?
  10. What Is The Name Of Lydia's Dog?
  11. What Allowed Darach To Get In Their Heads In The Motel Episode?
  12. What Was Parrish Worth On The Dead Pool?
  13. What Is Malia's Worst Subject In School?
  14. Where Did Stiles And Malia First Get Together?
  15. What Is The Name Of The Tree That Is Like A Beacon To Supernatural Beings?
  16. What Is Scott's Jersey Number In Lacrosse?
  17. When Did The Pilot Episode Of Teen Wolf Air?
  18. Who Helped Malia Turn Into A Human Again?
  19. When Cora Left Where Did She Go?
  20. Where Did Scott Turn Liam?

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