Which Teen Wolf character are you?

Teen Wolf is a show that first aired in 2011 on the television network, MTV. They are now into the fourth season. Each character is unique and own a personality that people are always wonder about. Many take the time to compare themselves to the characters in the show, whether it is looks or the back stories that each of them have.

Which Teen Wolf character are you? You may be Scott, or what about Lydia? Maybe Isaac, Derek, Allison? To find out, start with the quiz. In the end, you will know which Teen Wolf character best represents you.

Created by: WolfLove
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You see your best friend being bullied by some jerk. You...
  2. It's a Saturday night. What do you have to do?
  3. Choose one of these sets of three things.
  4. If you were to belong to a clique, which one do you think you would belong to?
  5. If someone were to ask your friends what you were like, what would they say?
  6. How are your grades in school?
  7. Choose one of these mythical creatures.
  8. You have been faced with your enemy. You...
  9. You see your boyfriend/girlfriend making out with some other person. You...
  10. Were you ever hurt by someone close to you?
  11. Lastly, what color are your eyes?

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Quiz topic: Which Teen Wolf character am I?