Teen Mom Trivia Quiz

Think you know Teen Mom? Take this trivia quiz and find out how much you know Teen Mom! This is a season 4 quiz, so, good luck! If you really pay attention to Teen Mom, you should pass!

Do you know Teen Mom? How well? If you don't know, you came to the right place. By the way, this only covers Season 4 episodes 1-4, and then there are some random questions about the show. Thanks for taking this! Enjoy!

Created by: Kaylyn Renae Livengood
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  1. In the 4th and Final season premiere of Teen Mom, what decision did Maci make?
  2. In that same episode, what news did Amber break to Gary?
  3. Same episode. What did Catelynn and Tyler do?
  4. Same episode. What did Farrah do?
  5. On Season 4 episode 2, what happened with Catelynn and Tyler?
  6. Same episode. (Ep. 2) What was Maci's problem?
  7. (Ep. 2) What happened with Farrah?
  8. (Ep. 2) What was Amber struggling with?
  9. In the third episode, what did Farrah have to deal with?
  10. (Ep. 3) What did Catelynn and Tyler finally do?
  11. (Ep. 3) What surprised Amber?
  12. (Ep. 3) What did Maci consider doing?
  13. (Ep. 4) What made Amber happy?
  14. What happened with Farrah?
  15. (Ep. 4) What did Maci do?
  16. (Ep. 4) →Last actual quiz question! But there will be RANDOM questions about Teen Mom after this.← What did Catelynn and Tyler question?
  17. Next are the random questions, okay?
  18. What is Catelynn's mom's name? What is Tyler's dad's name?
  19. What is the breed of Farrah's new puppy?
  20. What is Sophia's dad's name?
  21. What is Ryan's new girlfriend's name?
  22. What part of Florida did Farrah move to?
  23. What was the name of the singer on Maci's shirt when she and Kyle took Bentley swimming?
  24. What was the name of the rehab center Amber was in?
  25. What was the name of Gary's friend who went with him to go visit Amber?
  26. What was Catelynn wearing on the LAST day of she and Tyler's visit with Carly?

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