How well do you know me?

Hi guys, I’ve decided to redo this quiz since I’ve changed a few of my opinions and favourites. Thanks for giving it a try, this will be another way to help boost my levels.So thank you,

So I really like young justice, it’s a good show and I’d highly recommend it to you.:)It’s really good, funny and serious. If you liked the original teen titans then this may be up Your alley

Created by: mothIncarnate
  1. What is my name?
  2. What is my favourite colour?
  3. What is my favourite insect?
  4. What are my favourite webcomics
  5. What is my favourite food?
  6. What is my favourite genre?
  7. What is my favourite anime?
  8. My favourite batman villain?
  9. My favourite DC hero?
  10. My favourite Marvel villain
  11. Favourite marvel hero?
  12. My favourite dessert?
  13. My favourite type of animal?
  14. My religion?
  15. My favourite games?
  16. What is my favourite book?
  17. My favourite artist?
  18. My favourite fast food?
  19. My star sign
  20. If I had a super power what would I want to have?
  21. My favourite musicals?
  22. My favourite drink
  23. My favourite hot drink?
  24. Do I prefer noon or midnight?
  25. What element do I prefer?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?