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Thanks for reading this! I love frozen, and I love teen titans so much! So, I decided to combine them! So, I hope you like it! It was super fun making it! :D

Will YOU read this? Do you have the awesomeness to read this awesome fanfiction? I am a HUUUUGE fangirl! Fangirlsa re the bomb! Ok, thanks for reading this!

Created by: TeenTitans#1Fan
  1. "Okay, let's go and get the pizza!" Starfire ordered, and they all followed. They got to the pizza place, and Starfire ran in, grabbed the pizza, threw 5 dollars at the worker, and ran out. "Horry, I have fetched the pizza!" Starfire exclaimed, holding the pizza. "Kay, let's go back." Bumblebee said, and flew back to the tower. They all went back, and opened the pizza box. "Yay! Who wants to pick the movie?" Starfire asked. "I-I have a movie to watch." Elsa said. "Yay, friend Elsa! Which movie?" Starfire asked, joyfully. "Well...it's called Wreck-It Ralph...It isn't very much a horror movie." Elsa replied. "It's okay! I am not in the mood for a horror movie." Starfire agreed. "Okay, let's put it in." Raven said. Elsa grabbed the movie, and put it in the Blu-ray player. "This movie is cute..." Elsa commented. Before they could watch it, it started raining hard!
  2. "I better go and get the boys." Elsa said, because it was raining really hard. Elsa went out the door. "I better go too." Raven agreed. (Just Elsa and Raven went) Elsa started walking to find the boys, she saw them under a roof. "Guys!" Elsa exclaimed, running to them. Raven followed her to them. "Elsa! You're all wet!" Robin exclaimed. "N-No, I'm fine." Elsa replied. Robin and Elsa stared into each others eyes. (the title picture ^_^) "Hey, hey Elsa! Why did you come here!" Beast Boy said getting in the middle of them. (Because he has a HUGE crush on Elsa) "Well, I though it would be nice to let come and watch the movie with us." Elsa said. "Yes, thank you." Robin replied. "Is Cyborg allowed to be in the rain?" Elsa asked. "No, I can give him shade." Raven said, making a black roof over Cyborg ans herself. "Thanks, Rae." Cyborg said. "I guess I'll just have to hold on to Robin and Beast Boy's hands." Elsa said, smiling. "Okay!" Beast Boy agreed, and held tightly onto Elsa's hand. Elsa grabbed Robin's hand, and make a icicle to float on. "Oh, it's cold up here." Beast Boy said. "I'm sorry..." Elsa said.
  3. Elsa and Raven and the boys went back safely to the tower. "Friends, you are back at last!" Starfire exclaimed. "Have we really been gone THAT long?" Elsa asked. "Yes, half an hour!" Starfire said. "20 minutes of it was Elsa and Robin staring in their eyes......" Beast Boy mumbled. Both Elsa and Robin elbowed him in the stomach. "No it was not," Elsa disagreed. "It was 10 minutes of it." She said, and flipped her long braid. "Jeesh." Beast Boy mumbled. Robin walked over to the couch, and sat down. "SO! Friend Elsa, please play the movie!" Starfire exclaimed. "Okay." Elsa agreed, and played the movie.
  4. The animated movie played, and she was sitting in between Robin and Beast Boy. She felt awkward through the whole thing, it was pretty late, and the movie was only half-way done. Elsa laid her head to the right. And slept. The movie was over, and everyone woke Elsa up. "Elsa..." She heard a voice said, waking up. "Elsa, the movie is over." The voice said again, and Elsa opened her eyes, and found herself laying on Robin's lap. "Oh, I am so sorry!" Elsa said, sitting up. "No, it's fine." Robin replied, smiling. Elsa got off of the couch, and stretched. Elsa walked away, and felt more awkward then usual. Robin ran up to her, and grabbed her hand. "Elsa, is everything okay?" He asked. "Yes everything is fine." Elsa replied.
  5. "Elsa, are you sure? You seem upset." Robin said. "Friend Elsa, are you alright?" Starfire asked. "Yeah Elsa, are you okay?" Raven asked. "Guys, you are my three best friends, don't you think I'd tell you if something was wrong?" Elsa asked. "Well, yes. But it seemed like you were upset when I smiled at you." Robin replied. "I'm probably tired, that's all." Elsa replied. "Oh, well, we should be going to sleep. It is past midnight." Raven said. "Okay, let's go to bed then." Elsa agreed, and went back into her room to change into her pajamas. And came out in a blue, tight short dress, and fluffy blue slippers. And her hair still in a braid.
  6. "Well, I better change too." Raven agreed, and walked out of the room. "You look great, Elsa." Robin complimented. "These are just my pajamas." Elsa said, making a confused face at Robin. "Y-yeah, but, you still look great." Robin said again. "Thanks." Elsa replied, and sat down, by the other girls. "Robin! Go in your room, please!" Starfire ordered. Robin obeyed, and walked into his room. "Okay, so tell us everything when you were going to get the boys." Bumblebee said, as they all laid down in sleeping bags. "Well..." Elsa mumbled. "C'mon, tell us." Kole said, happily. "Okay, fine. I was going to find the boys, and I saw them, Robin grabbed me into the shade, because I was soaking wet-" Elsa began. "Wait, don't tell me," Blackfire exclaimed. "He gave you the look, didn't he?" "The look?" Elsa asked. "You know, when someone looks at you, and it feels like you're the only two people in the world?" Blackfire said. "Well, it did kinda feel like that. But, he doesn't like me." Elsa said. "Oh, c'mon! Of course he does! You're so beautiful! And, he always watches your every move." Argent said, smiling. Elsa smiled to herself.
  7. "Did he give me the look?" Elsa said. Just Cyborg was listening to the whole conversation. "Remember, tell everything!" Nya-Nya reminded. "Oh, yes. It was raining, his hair glowed, and he smiled at me, and I really think I felt like we were the only two people on the earth." Elsa explained. "Ooh!" Argent said. "So, you're saying you LIKE Robin?" Blackfire said. "Well, not precisely." Elsa said. "Oh c'mon!" Kitten exclaimed. "He gave YOU the look! Doesn't that tell you something?" Terra asked. "No, I'm going to bed." Elsa said, and rolled over. Cyborg smirked at the girls, and walked away.
  8. Elsa woke up, and saw all of the girls sitting up and talking. "Oh, look she's up." Blackfire said, and looked at Elsa. Everyone looked over at her, and smiled. Elsa smiled back, and yawned. "Why are you all smiling at me?" Elsa asked, finishing her yawn. "I dunno, but good morning!" Anna said, waving. "Good morning, Anna." Elsa greeted.
  9. I decided I should end it here -_^
  10. What happens next? FIND OUT IN PART 5! :O

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