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I love Teen Titans and Frozen...So I decided to combined them together! By making my favorite Frozen character (Elsa) Meet the Teen Titans! I hope you like it!


Created by: TeenTitans#1Fan
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  1. "Shouldn't you guys be going now?" Cyborg asked, walking into the room. "Yeah, bye." The other girls said. They left. "Bye, Elsa." Anna said. "Bye Anna." Elsa replied. They hugged each others. Starfire smiled at them, and hugged along. "Bye." Anna said, and walked away. "How do you feel now, Elsa?" Robin asked. "Better." Elsa replied. "Well, was thinking that we should all go somewhere tonight." Robin said. "Yay!" Starfire yelled. "Okay, I agree to go." Elsa said, smiling. "Yay!" Starfire yelled, again. "Okay, we'll go tonight at......." Robin began. "How about five PM?" Cyborg suggested. "Okay, we'll go tonight at five." Robin said. "What time IS it?" Elsa asked. "It's eight in the morning." Beast Boy replied, walking out of his room. "Oh." Elsa replied. Elsa got up, and sat on the table. "Pancakes are ready." Robin said, and put all of the pancakes on the counter. "Here, Elsa." Robin said, smiling. Elsa took her pancakes, and smiled at Robin. Robin gave her a slight smirk back.
  2. Elsa accepted the pancakes, and took the plate and the plate started to freeze slowly, she quickly set it on the table. Elsa never used her magic back at Arindelle, so it was hard to learn how to control them. "Thanks Robin." Elsa said, smiling at him. "Need some gloves?" Raven asked. Elsa shook her head. "No." She replied. "Elsa, it is going to be okay." Starfire said putting her hand on Elsa's shoulder. "Where are we going Robin?" Cyborg asked, sitting by Elsa. "The carnival." Robin replied smiling. "Ooh! The carnival! With the candy of cotton, and the roller coasters, and the Ferris of the wheel!" Starfire said, clapping. "Yeah it'll be fun." Robin said.
  3. "Elsa, why don't you make us all Slurpee's? You know, to celebrate?" Beast Boy said, putting his hands on her shoulders. "I dunno..." Elsa said, sighing. "C'mon Elsa, it'll be fun." Robin said, staring into Elsa's eyes. Elsa smiled, alright. Robin grinned at her. Elsa got up and walked to the counter. "May I watch you make the wonders of frozen juice?" Starfire asked, sitting on the chairs. "Okay sure I guess." Elsa replied smiling. Elsa grabbed seven cups of grape juice and set them on the counters. "Ready?" Elsa asked. "Uh-huh!" Starfire said, in amazement. Elsa put her hand over one of the glasses and it quickly covered the juice with icy frost, She made the ice thaw just a little bit, and did the same to the others. "This is so amazing..." Starfire said in awe. Elsa smiled still making the Slurpee's.
  4. When Elsa finally finished, Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing video games, Raven was reading a book, Robin was listening to music with headphones over his ears, and Starfire was still watching, full with glee. Elsa brought the Slurpee's to the others, who were all happy to see her. Robin, who was still listening to music, didn't know the Slurpee's were ready. Elsa tapped his shoulder. "Robin?" Elsa said. Robin took off his headphones and looked back. "Oh, hey Elsa." Robin greeted, smiling. "Here." Elsa said, handing Robin his cup of grape flavored Slurpee. "Thanks." Robin replied, and accepted the Slurpee. Elsa walked and sat on a chair next to Starfire. Starfire took a big chug of the Slurpee. "This is amazing, Elsa!" Starfire said, grinning at her. "Thanks." Elsa replied. Starfire smiled and walked to her room. Elsa watched Starfire walk away and walked to Beast Boy and Cyborg and sat in between them, and watched them play games. "I am gonna beat you down, BB!" Cyborg yelled. "Nuh-uh, dude!" Beast Boy said, randomly pressing buttons on his controller. A big sign came on the video game screen which said: 'Cyborg wins' "Aww what?!" Beast Boy said. "Haha! I beat you!" Cyborg said, laughing. "Oh, that's what you call gaming?!" Elsa asked, and they both looked at her.
  5. Elsa grabbed Beast Boy's controller and clicked the start button. And the game asked: 'Which superhero do you want to play as?' Elsa scrolled through the list until she found herself. She clicked it, and Cyborg grabbed his controller and clicked himself. Elsa and Cyborg battled their characters. "Elsa, you're an amazing gamer!" Cyborg yelled. "I love her even more now." Beast Boy said with his eyes heart shaped. Elsa used her gamer's ice magic and froze Cyborg. "Wow!" Cyborg yelled and a big sign came up that said, 'Elsa Wins' Elsa smiled. "Guys, we better be leaving now." Robin said, smiling."How long have we been playing?" Cyborg asked. Robin looked at him. "Five hours." He replied.
  6. "Whoa dude. I have been staring at this screen for hours." Beast Boy said, hypnotized by the screen. Elsa slapped his face lightly and then he became back to normal. "Thanks Elsa." Beast Boy said grinning. "Don't mention it." Elsa replied, smiling. "Guys, let's go." Robin said, opening the from door to the tower. Elsa and Beast Boy followed him, as did Cyborg, Starfire and Raven were already waiting in the car. Th titans got in, all except for Elsa. "Elsa, we forgot...We only have five seats." Robin said, disappointingly. "It's okay, I guess I'll just stay home." Elsa said, smiling. "No wait friend Elsa, there must be a way for you to come with us." Starfire said. "Well, there is one way..." Elsa said. "Great! Well, hop in!" Cyborg yelled, grinning. "You mean, hop out." Elsa corrected. "Huh?" Cyborg said, confused. Elsa climbed on top of the T-car, and sat down. "Get this thing going!" Elsa yelled to the titans. "Right on dude!" Beast Boy yelled back. Cyborg started driving the car.
  7. "Are you sure you're safe up there, Elsa?" Robin yelled to her. "Not one hundred percent..." Elsa replied, and it started getting windier, and Elsa was spreading her arms out as the wind was flowing through her hair and dress. "I better go check on her." Robin said, standing up and opened the top of his seat. And jumped on the roof. "Hey Elsa." Robin greeted, smirking. Elsa looked behind herself, "hey Robin." Elsa greeted. Robin sat by Elsa, and held her hand. Elsa smiled at him, and put her hair behind her ear. "You excited about the carnival?" Robin asked. "Very." Elsa said smiling at him. Elsa and Robin were looking at each other, smiling. Raven looked up at them from her mirror. Raven smiled.
  8. Elsa was smiling happily. "Guys we're here!" Elsa heard Cyborg yell from inside the car. Robin jumped off the roof, and grabbed Elsa's hand again and helped her down. "Thanks Robin." Elsa said, smiling. Robin slightly smiled back, and continued walking. Elsa followed. They others exited the car, and walked too. They entered the carnival.
  9. What happens next? Will there finally be a Relsa?
  10. :)
  11. GO RELSA!

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