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Thanks for reading this! I love frozen, and I love teen titans so much! So, I decided to combine them! So, I hope you like it! It was super fun making it! :D

Will YOU read this? Do you have the awesomeness to read this awesome fanfiction? I am a HUUUUGE fangirl! Fangirlsa re the bomb! Ok, thanks for reading this!

Created by: TeenTitans#1Fan
  1. "Yay, the guests are going to be here soon!" Starfire exclaimed, hanging up streamers for the party. "When?" Raven asked. "In fifteen minutes!" Starfire said, grinning. "Then I better go and get Elsa." Raven said, walking out of the room. "Hey, Elsa..." Raven said, walking into Elsa's cold room. "The party will start soon." Raven said, as she walked closer to Elsa. "Leave me alone." Elsa said, crying. "Why are you crying? Did Beast Boy say something?" Raven asked. "No, I have something I have to tell you." Elsa said, looking at Raven. Raven nodded. "I really can't control my powers." Elsa said, looking away from Raven. "Oh, well...For awhile I couldn't control my powers either, but I got used to it, how long have you had your powers?" Raven asked. "I was born with them." Elsa replied, looking over at Raven. "Oh." Raven replied.
  2. "Well, I'll try to enjoy the rest of my day." Elsa said, wiping her eyes. She smiled at Raven, and Raven gave a smirk back. They both walked out of Elsa's icy room, and walked into the living room. "Oh, friend Elsa, it's very nice to see you out of your room!" Starfire said, hugging her tight again. "Star..." Raven said, pointing at Elsa, whose face was purple. "Oh, sorry, again..." Starfire said, and dropped Elsa's to the ground. Elsa quickly got up, and fixed her hair. *KNOCK KNOCK* "Tehehe, our fist guest!" Starfire said skipping to the door, and opened it. "Oh look, it's my sister, Blackfire!" Starfire said, and hugged her sister tightly. "Oh, hey sister dear, who is this new girl?" Blackfire asked Starfire. "She is friend Elsa." Starfire replied, grinning. "Elsa huh?" Blackfire said, going closer to Elsa. "Hehe, hi." Elsa said, waving. "So, sister dear, have you forgave me yet?" Blackfire asked, now focusing on Starfire. "Not yet, but I am trying to be happy for friend Elsa." Starfire replied pointing at Elsa.
  3. "More knocking!" Starfire exclaimed, as she heard a knock. All of the other girls came too, in one whole group. "So, you decided to come as a group, did you?" Raven asked. "Yup." Jinx said, happily. Everyone moved, and Elsa saw Anna standing behind them. "Anna?" Elsa asked herself. "Hehe, I invited her to the party!" Starfire confessed, fearlessly. "Why?" Elsa wondered to Starfire. "Because, you two should make up!" Starfire suggested. Elsa watched Anna have fun, and laughing with Terra and Kitten. "W-well, hi Anna." Elsa waved. "Elsa! I finally found you! Are you okay? What happened?" Anna asked, running to Elsa. "I'm fine. This is my new home." Elsa smiled. "Oh, wow. It's cool!" Anna complimented. Elsa smiled at Anna. "Yay it is time for the game of the truth or daring!" Starfire announced, loudly. "Oh, okay." Anna shrugged. "Okay, everyone sit in a circle!" Starfire ordered, and everyone did as she said. "Okay, Argent, since your name is first in the alphabet, you go first, dare the person to you right, also known as, me!" Starfire said, grinning.
  4. "Okay, Starfire, truth or dare?" Argent asked Starfire confusedly. "I chose the dare!" Starfire said, loudly. "Alright, I dare you to eat your own pudding." Argent dared. "Oh, okay! I love my pudding!" Starfire exclaimed, then grabbed a bowl of green slimy pudding. Starfire quickly grabbed a spoon, and took a scoop of her disgusting pudding. Everyone had a disgust look on their faces. Starfire quickly ate it, and smiled. "Eeeewww!" All the girls exclaimed. "Okay, Star it's your turn." Argent reminded. "Oh yes! friend Jinx, the truth or the dare?" Starfire asked, joyfully. "I'll chose truth." Jinx replied. "Okay, who do you admire more, Cyborg or Kid Flash?" Starfire asked, curiously. "Well, I am currently dating Kid Flash sooooo..." Jinx replied. "Oh, okay, Jinx you turn." Starfire reminded. "Uh-huh, Kole truth or dare?" Jinx asked. "I guess dare." Kole replied, smiling. "Well, I dare you too.........Eat Starfire's worm things food." Jinx dared. Everyone made a disgusted face, even Silkie.
  5. Kole quickly ate one piece of Starfire's maggot's food. "Ew." Everyone said, watching Kole eat it. "Kay, Koel. Your turn." Jinx reminded. "Oh, okay. Er, Raven truth or dare?" Kole asked, politely. "This is stupid." Raven commented. "Just answer." Kole ordered. "Fine truth, I guess." Raven replied. "Okay, would you rather spend the whole day listening to Starfire sing? Or spend the whole day with Beast Boy?" Kole asked. "Uh....." Raven said. "I guess spend the whole day with Beast Boy...I guess..." She said. "Oh!" Kole exclaimed. "Okay, Rae, it's your turn." Kole said. "Hmmm. Elsa, truth or dare?" Raven asked. "Uh, truth?" Elsa replied. "Okay, is you could chose one boy that you have ever met to date, who would it be?" Raven asked Elsa. Elsa looked around, and paused. "I-I-I-..." Elsa mumbled. "C'mon, Elsa. You have to answer." Raven said. "I, er...R...Robin..." Elsa whispered. "What?" Raven replied, going closer to Elsa. "ROBIN!" Elsa yelled. "Oh!" Raven exclaimed. "Out of all of the guys you met?" Terra asked. Elsa nodded disappointingly. "Okay, Elsa it's your turn." Raven reminded Elsa. "Uh, Terra truth or dare?" Elsa asked.
  6. "Hmm, dare me!" Terra said, fearlessly. "Okay, I dare you to kiss Beast Boy, right on the lips!" Elsa exclaimed, laughing. "OH." Raven said, madly. "Okay..." Terra said, and got up. She pulled a rock up from the ground. And floated to Beast Boy. Starfire carried Kole and Cheshire to Terra, Raven made a black circle and took Cheshire, Nya-Nya, and Kitten. And Elsa made a icicle and Argent and Anna rode with her, and Bumblebee and Blackifre rode together all after Terra. Terra was at the hat store where Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and now Terra were. They all his behind the first thing they found. "Hiya, BB!" Terra said, going up to the boy titans. "Hi Terra!" Beast Boy said, focusing on Terra. "C'mere." Terra ordered, Beast Boy came closer to Terra, and she kissed his lips for three seconds. Beast Boy froze, and Terra flew away, the other girls went back before Terra did, and they all were giggling.
  7. Terra got back, and sat down. "Okay, Kitten! Truth or dare!" Terra asked. "Hmm, DARE!" Kitten said, evilly. "Hmm...I dare you, do go over to the boy titans, and tell Robin you love him." Terra dared. Elsa squinted her eyes. "Okay! I LOVE ROBIN." Kitten said. "Wait! I'm not in the mood for truth or dare anymore." Elsa said yawning. "Oh..." Kitten sighed. Raven put her hand on Elsa's shoulders. "Please, I don't feel good anymore." Elsa said, and Raven pushed her down to the pink couch. Raven sat by her.
  8. "Why? It was so fun!" Terra exclaimed. "Yeah, well...We can order pizza now. And watch scary movies." Elsa replied, smiling. "Yay! I will order the pizza, and pop the popped corn!" Starfire exclaimed, flying to the phone. "Let's get a pineapple pizza, with ham!" Starfire said. They all nodded. "Yeeeees?" A worker. "Hello! My name is Starfire! And I would like to order a pizza!" Starfire exclaimed through the phone. "Okay! Which flavor?" The worker asked. "Hmm...Pineapple with ham." Starfire replied, happily. "Okay! Pick up for deliver?" The worker asked. "Deliver please!" Starfire replied. "Okay. I'll have someone be there." The worker replied. "Yay thank you!" Starfire said, and hung up the phone. "Let us go, friends!" Starfire exclaimed.
  9. I decided I should end it here. ^_^
  10. Bye bye! I hope you liked part 3! If you liked it, please comment! How do they get the pizza? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!

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