Do you think you know 'Teen Titans Go!'?

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There are many Teen Titans Go! Fans out there, but only a few TRUE fans of it. LIKE MEEEE! Thanks for reading it! I love quizzes! I hope you'll love this one!

Do YOU know Teen Titans Go!? Do you have the brainpower of the knowledge of the Teen Titans? Because I do! And you must too, I ope you'll love this quiz!

Created by: amazon

  1. Ok, first of all....Who are the 5 titans?
  2. Alright, who is the leader?
  3. Hehehehaha. What is the 23rd episode?
  4. What color is Starfire?
  5. In which episode does Robin take Raven's cloak while she's in the shower?
  6. Which is Robin's prized possession?
  7. What is Raven's evil father's name?
  8. Which planet is Starfire from?
  9. Why couldn't Robin relax?
  10. What are the 4 flavor pies in the episode: 'Pie Bros' in the 'Pie Song'?
  11. Ok, let's let the Titans ask!
  12. Starfire: Have you seen my little Bumgorf?
  13. Cyborg: Ok, in GO! Who is my crush/girlfriend?
  14. Beast Boy: Ok, which animal can I turn into?
  15. Raven: Leave me alone.
  16. Robin: What color are my REAL eyes in GO!?
  17. OK, fine. You talked me into it. One more time, Titans.
  18. Starfire: How are my eye brows shaped?
  19. Cyborg: What color is one of my eyes?
  20. Beast Boy: What three things am I?
  21. Raven: Fine. Name three of my colors.
  22. Robin: Uh, who is my girlfriend!
  23. Ok, do you love Teen Titans Go!?
  24. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Do I think you know 'Teen Titans Go!'?