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Thanks for reading this! I love frozen, and I love teen titans so much! So, I decided to combine them! So, I hope you like it! It was super fun making it! :D

Will YOU read this? Do you have the awesomeness to read this awesome fanfiction? I am a HUUUUGE fangirl! Fangirlsa re the bomb! Ok, thanks for reading this!

Created by: TeenTitans#1Fan

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  1. Elsa got up, and stretched out her arms, she couldn't help at yawning, she got out of her room, and went to the living room, she noticed all of the Teen Titans, Raven was reading her book crumbled up to the couch, Cyborg and Beast Boy were screaming while playing the video games on the big flat-screen TV in the tower, Starfire was playing her her worm, (Silkie) and Robin was cooking his breakfast with headphones in his ears. "Good morning, friend Elsa!" Starfire exclaimed, waving. Elsa smiled, and waved. "How do you like the tower?" Robin asked, and took out his headphones. "I love it, it feels like home." Elsa replied to Robin.
  2. Robin smiled, and flipped more waffles. "I am better at video games!" Elsa heard Beast Boy yell. "No, I'm better!" Elsa looked over, and say Beast Boy and Cyborg arguing. "No way, dude! I'm better!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "Please, neither of you are better then me." Elsa said, walking over to the couch. "Oh, really? You bet?" Cyborg asked, watching Elsa walk over to him and Beast Boy. Elsa nodded. "Oh yeah? Well, I bet you aren't!" Beast Boy chuckled. Elsa smiled, and sat by them. "Okay, here's your controller, let's do this." Cyborg said, hand Elsa a controller. Elsa smirked evilly, and grabbed the controller.
  3. "Oh no. You got her to be a dweeb now?" Raven asked, and slightly looked over her book. "Yup!" Beast Boy replied. Elsa, Cyborg, and Beast Boy kept pressing buttons randomly, but a siren went off. "Who is it?" Raven asked. "I don't know." Robin replied. "Uh, I hope it's not Plasmus again...I still got goo in my other clothes" Beast Boy said. "I don't think it's him, Beast Boy." Starfire said, happily. "We'll have to find out. Titans go!" Robin exclaimed, running. "C'mon, Elsa." Cyborg said, waving Elsa on. Elsa smiled, and ran with the titans.
  4. "Oh, it's just the Dr. Light!" Starfire said, as she saw Dr. Light. "Mwahahaha!" Dr. Light exclaimed, as she ran out of a jewelry store. "Not so bright, huh Dr. Light?" Robin said, as Dr. Light looked at the titans. "Wh-who's the new girl?" Dr. Light asked. "It's friend Elsa. And you will not hurt her!" Starfire exclaimed, covering Elsa. "It's okay, Star." Elsa said, calmly. "Titans Go!" Robin exclaimed again, they all ran after Dr. Light, who was scared. Starfire shot some starbolts from her hands. "Haha!" Starfire exclaimed, as Dr. Light fell to the ground. He slowly got up, and sighed. "Elsa, why don't you try to use your powers?" Robin asked, looking at Elsa. "Oh, okay." Elsa replied, getting her hands ready. Dr, Light fell down, really quickly, and passed out. "Great job,Elsa!" Beast Boy exclaimed, grinning. Elsa stared at her hands, again.
  5. Elsa quickly ran back to the tower. "Why are you going so fast?" Robin asked, catching up with Elsa. "I am not used to using my powers." Elsa said, looking at Robin. They both stopped running to wait for the titans. Elsa waved to them, and they all ran to Robin and Elsa. "Anything that would make you feel better?" Robin asked, putting his hand on her shoulder. "W-well, maybe a sleepover with me and my friends..." Elsa replied, grinning at Robin. "Alright, us guys will have a guys night." Robin said, smirking. Elsa smiled at Robin. "Raven. Starfire, do you mind inviting some people for Elsa to meet? Just the girls anyway." Robin said, looking at the titans. "Of course!" Starfire exclaimed.
  6. "Friend Elsa, may we invite other female superheroes?" Starfire asked, happily. "Invite whoever you want." Elsa replied. "Yay!" Starfire said. "We'll invite Argent, Kole, Bumblebee, Jinx, Terra, Kitten, My sister Blackfire, Cheshire, Nya-Nya..." Starfire said. "Aren't those mostly 'Villeins?'" Raven asked Starfire. "Yes they are, but I'll tell them if they're mean to me, you, friend Elsa, or anyone else, they will go the the prison!" Starfire replied. "Oh." Raven said, quietly.
  7. "Anyone would like us to invite, friend Elsa?" Starfire asked, thinking of people to write on the list. "Er, no." Elsa replied. "Oh, why?" Raven asked, butting into the conversation. "I just don't know anyone else." Elsa said, shrugging. "Why? Don't you have friends back in Arindel?" Starfire asked. "Well, no. Not precisely." Elsa replied, and looked over at Raven. "What do you mean?" Raven asked. "Nothing, it's just, I just have a sister." Elsa mumbled. "Oh the joys," Starfire exclaimed. "What is the sister's name?" "Her name?" Elsa said. "Yes, oh please!" Starfire said, joyfully. "You mean my sister?" Elsa asked. Starfire nodded quickly. "Oh, well, her name is Anna. She is my younger sister." Elsa explained. "Oh, Anna is such a cute name!" Starfire complemented. Elsa nodded slowly. "Shall I put her on the list?" Starfire asked, and grabbed a pen. "No it's okay." Elsa said.
  8. "Why not, Elsa?" Raven asked. "Well, we had a little fight before I got here, and she is kind of mad at me." Elsa replied. "I need to go." She said, and walked out of the room. When she left Starfire said: "Shall I invite her sister, friend Raven?" "Yeah, you should." Raven replied. "Okay, I will invite friend Elsa's sister." Starfire said, writing down the name 'Anna' on her list of girls to invite. "Yay! I'll have to call the girls!" Starfire exclaimed, happily. Raven looked at Starfire, annoyed.
  9. I decided it would be best to end it here ^_^
  10. What happens next? Will Elsa be mad that Anna came? Find out next time! See you! :D comment if you liked it!

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