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Thanks for reading this! I love frozen, and I love teen titans so much! So, I decided to combine them! So, I hope you like it! It was super fun making it! :D

Will YOU read this? Do you have the awesomeness to read this awesome fanfiction? I am a HUUUUGE fangirl! Fangirlsa re the bomb! Ok, thanks for reading this!

Created by: TeenTitans#1Fan
  1. Elsa was sixteen, she had magical ice powers, that she had to conceal. She always stayed in her room, until one day, she accidentally showed off her powers, she ran away from Arindel, hoping so no one would find her. As she ran, someone grabbed her mouth, and pulled her away!
  2. As he took Elsa into the woods, she tried to call for help, but she couldn't with his hand over her mouth. "Stay away from me!" She exclaimed, and used her powers, she knocked the guy out, and started to run away. He grabbed her again, and she said: "How did you survive?" "I can never be hurt, Elsa." The guy said. "How do you know my name?" Elsa asked. "I know everything about you." The guy replied.
  3. Elsa started at the guy. "How?" She finally asked. "Because, Elsa. I've been following you." The guy replied. "Wh-who are you?" Elsa asked. "It's me Elsa. Slade." The guy replied. "I don't know you!" Elsa exclaimed squirming. "You can't leave." Slade said, and knocked you out.
  4. Elsa woke up, but didn't say a word, she groaned, rubbed her hair. Elsa opened her eyes wide. "Wh-where am I?" Elsa asked. "Oh, so you're up." Slade said still holding you. "I asked, where am I." Elsa repeated. "You're in Jump City of course." Slade replied. "Huh?" Elsa asked. (Because she had NO idea where that was :/) "You belong here. With me." Slade said. "No," Elsa said. "I belong back in Arindel." Elsa replied in anger. "Yes you do belong here." Slade said again. "NO I DO NOT!" Elsa said, and jumped out of his arms.
  5. Five people ran up to her and Slade, and watched Elsa. "Stay away!" Elsa exclaimed, using her icy powers at Slade. Slade kept trying to dodge her powers. "Go away!" She exclaimed again, using her powers. And she shot Slade in the head. "Whoa." A green boy said, in amazement. Elsa gasped, because she though she was alone. "I-I didn't mean too...He captured me..." Elsa said. The one with the mask put his hand over your shoulder. "It's okay, he's a villein." He said. Elsa smiled at the boy.
  6. "I though we were the only ones with the powers!" A orange alien girl exclaimed, spinning around. "I guess not." A girl with grey skin replied. "Yeah, I wonder why Slade wanted with her..." A half human half robot wondered. "I don't know, but I bet it was something important." The masked boy guessed. "Who are you guys?" Elsa asked. "We're the teen titans. I'm Robin, that's Cyborg, that's Beast Boy, that's Raven-" The masked boy began. "And I am Starfire! It is very nice to meet you!" The alien orange girl exclaimed, hugging Elsa to death. "I-I-I can't breath!" Elsa exclaimed.
  7. "I'm sorry, new friend!" Starfire exclaimed, ending her hug. "It's okay..." Elsa said, hiding her hand. "Why are you hiding your hand?" Beast Boy asked. "I was supposed to conceal my powers." Elsa said, looking at her hands. "Well, we know you secret, you don't have to conceal anymore." Robin said, grabbing Elsa's hand. Elsa smiled, and focused on Robin. "So, what are your powers exactly?" Raven asked. "I can control ice and snow." Elsa replies, looking at Raven. "How did you knock Slade out?" Cyborg asked. "I kinda, used my powers on his head..." Elsa replied, smiling. "Cool!" Beast Boy exclaimed.
  8. "Well, anyway, where do you come from?" Beast Boy asked. "I come from the kingdom of Arindel." Elsa replied, focusing on Beast Boy. "Where is that exactly?" Beast Boy asked. "Norway." Elsa replied, smiling.
  9. "Hey, BB, this isn't 20 questions." Cyborg said. "OH ROBIN! Don't you think friend Elsa would be good as a titan?" Starfire asked, grinning. "Well, yeah sure." Robin replied. "Yaaay!" Starfire exclaimed, spinning in circles. "Only if she wants too." Robin replied. "Of course I want too." Elsa said, smiling at the titans. "Let's go back to the tower then." Robin said. Elsa tried to get up. "Ow! I can't, my leg!" Elsa explained. "Oh, that looks terrible." Starfire said, pointing at Elsa's leg. "Ow!" Elsa said, trying to move. "I'll fly her home!" Starfire said, grabbing Elsa. "No, it's okay Elsa. I'll carry her." Robin said, smirking at Elsa. Elsa smiled, and grabbed Robin's hand. Robin carried her to the titans tower.
  10. Ok, find out what happens next! If you wanna find out, please comment! Comment is you liked it too!

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