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Are you in love/obsessed/addicted to Teen Wolf? If so this is the quiz to see how addicted you are? Lets see if you know Lydia from Allison or if you are just a big liar.

I have faith in you all that you are big Teen Wolf Experts why else would you take this AMAZING Quiz but to prove how awesome you really are and how much you love Teen Wolf. Good luck my Sweetie Pies.

Created by: Annalisa
  1. When did then Pilot Episode air for the first time?
  2. What is Stiles's jersey number on the Lacrosse team?
  3. What is Scott's jersey number on the Lacrosse team?
  4. When Derek was in the music room with Paige, what instrument was she playing?
  5. What look did Stiles say Scott had in his eyes in season 1 episode 8?
  6. In the hospital scene(Season 1 Episode 2), Stiles is reading what brochure while waiting for Scott?
  7. Who says the quote "This thing wants to possess someone and it chooses Stiles? Why not take someone bigger, stronger? Someone with a little more... Power"
  8. Who said this quote "If you're thinking nude modeling, it's usually done without the pants."
  9. Why is Derek no longer an alpha?
  10. Has Stiles AKA Dylan O'Brien been shirtless on Teen Wolf?
  11. Why is Scott a true alpha?
  12. What were Allison last words?
  13. What were Aiden last words?
  14. Who did Scott cried to about Allison?
  15. Who is the worst charater in all of Teen Wolf

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