What Teen wolf character are you?

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now i luv teen wolf do you too? well either way do this quiz to find out which one out of my fave four teen wolf characters you are like the most. i hope you like your results.

please check out other quizes on mine i do a few so check em out now sadly i dont have an account here but i am on a sever called howrse im incapixie on there is you are not online howrse please do not use me as a sponser or i will be a bit upset i am on the british server and other but mainly the british one thx bye.

Created by: georgia
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you could be anything what would it be?
  2. whats your fave animal?
  3. (this will not affect your results) do you like teen wolf
  4. (This will not affect your results) what would you rate teen wolf out of ten
  5. What name do you like best... if you a boy just press ...
  6. whats your fave name...this contineds onto next question so for males you can vote for two differ ones if your a girl just press the ... one
  7. boy names again if girl press ...
  8. these next questions are just to fill up space kk do you have a pet
  9. do you like blue
  10. do you like red
  11. the end

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Quiz topic: What Teen wolf character am I?