How Well Do You Know Teen Wolf?

There are few geniuses I. This works. But about Teen Wolf, there still aren't very mamy. You just proved to me that you are one of those geniuses girl / guy!

Are you a Teen Wolf buff? So you think that you know everything about Teen Wolf? Well, you are about to find out how well you really do know. Now this test isn't completely accurate because I only had put in so many questions. Although, I didn't really put in much in the 2014 season. Sorry.

Created by: Natalie Tomlinson
  1. In Season One Episode One, what does Scott nearly attack Stiles with?
  2. What was Scott considered to be in Season One by Derek?
  3. What sport does Scott play? Stiles play?
  4. What color eyes do a werewolf have before becoming an alpha?
  5. What is Derek's last name?
  6. How did Derek's family die?
  7. ( Later in the Later Seasons ) Who is the screaming banchi?
  8. What did Scott say was relevant to the sport that he and Stiles play to Kate ( Allison's aunt ) and Allison's father at dinner in Season One?
  9. Who was Lydia dating in th previous seasons?
  10. Who is the Kanama?
  11. What color is Scott and Stiles uniform color ( s ) ?
  12. Who does Scott live with in Season One?
  13. What is Stiles' father's jib?
  14. Before a championship, what movie does coach quote from?
  15. Who does one episode before the season finale in 2014?
  16. What did Stiles and his mother have? Hint: It is life - threatening

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Teen Wolf?