are u a true teen wolf fan? pt.2

ok this is the number one ultimate teen wolf fan quiz (pt.2). if u get a 100% score, ur awesome. if not, ur still awesome. dm me if u have any questions about my quiz! @h.smith.427

there is a part one to this quiz because they wouldnt let me do the amount of questions i was going to do, so just look up the title and add pt.1 after it.

Created by: heaven
  1. what are the twins last name?
  2. which guy has lydia NOT kissed?
  3. who are the two guys that allison dates?
  4. which girl has stiles NOT kissed?
  5. what is stiles weapon?
  6. what is stiles grandfathers name?
  7. stiles mom died of...?
  8. what is malias moms code name?
  9. derek has kissed...?
  10. what did erica suffer from?
  11. who wore the crown when derek was teaching control to his betas?
  12. what was boyds first name?
  13. what is tattooed on dereks back?
  14. what does the triskele mean?
  15. where did deucalion trap erica and boyd?
  16. braeden used what to catch the desert wolf?
  17. who was in the vault with erica and boyd?
  18. how did isaacs dad die?
  19. who were the masters of the kanima?
  20. how many episodes in teen wolf?
  21. who works at the sinema?
  22. who stings corey at the club?
  23. who was the beast?
  24. how was mason a genetic chimera?
  25. who tried to kill stiles?
  26. how much was scott worth on the dead pool?
  27. kira?
  28. lydia?
  29. parrish?
  30. what about malia?
  31. what is theos sisters name?
  32. what did theo take from tara?
  33. what did hayden have a transplant for?
  34. coachs least favorite player on lacrosse?
  35. what is beacon hills sport?
  36. what kind of kitsune is kira?
  37. what color is scotts motorcycle?
  38. where did scott bite liam?
  39. who got taken?
  40. who was the nogitsune?

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