How well do you know teen titans go!

This test is a quiz that will show how well you actually know teen titans go! and it is all just by choosing a couple of answers to a couple of qustions.

Do the quiz and see your score, then go watch some more and come back to do it again unless you are already a master. Go ahead and take the quiz and get your score. Have fun! And good luck!

Created by: Jonah

  1. Who was the first titan?
  2. Who is Robin in love with?
  3. Whos lines are "whatever"?
  4. Which titan has laser eyes?
  5. Whois Cyborgs best friend?
  6. What shape is the teen titans tower?
  7. Who closed the bottle in "the bottle episode"?
  8. What shape is the Hive tower?
  9. What is cyborg?
  10. What is Starfire?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know teen titans go!