What Teen Titans Go! Character are you?

Hi, this is DD, this quiz was made by me and my friend, AspHowl. We both really like this show(though her more than me)and we thought it might be fun to make a quiz together! Take this quiz to find out if you are Robin(strong and a bit of a control freak), Starfire(Kind and sweet), Beast Boy(PARTY ANIMAL), or Cyborg(Tech expert). ENJOY!! :>

Hi, this is AspHowl! Are you a "Teen Titans Go!" fan? Do you wonder who you relate to the most? Well find out which , with this quiz! Are you the leader, Robin? The innocent Starfire? Raven, the half-demon? Or maybe you're Beast Boy or Cyborg who are lazy but still like to party! Have fun!

Created by: DD & AspHowl
  1. Who do you feel like?
  2. What is your mindset in a bad or pressuring situation?
  3. A training session is about to start! How do you react?
  4. You see that your friend is upset, how do you react?
  5. Puppies๐Ÿ•, pizza๐Ÿ•, books๐Ÿ“š, or weights๐Ÿ’ช?
  6. What kind of music do you listen to?
  7. Which of these characters describes your crush?
  8. Who is your best friend like?
  9. Who's the most annoying Titan?

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Quiz topic: What Teen Titans Go! Character am I?