Harry Potter Knowledge Test!

There are many Harry Potter fans, many who read all 7 books, read the 3 sidebooks, watched all the movies, scoured the wikia. But are you a true Harry Potter fan?

Take this quiz to find the answer to the question of whether you are a true fan, or if you are just another clueless muggle. We shall see very soon!

Created by: Random101

  1. What broomstick sport is most popular in America?
  2. What is You-Know-Who's real name?
  3. Which one of these is not used in wands?
  4. Which of these is not a magical creature in Harry Potter?
  5. What house was Tonks in?
  6. Which one is the correct order?
  7. How much does a subscription to The Daily Prophet cost? (Not the muggle one, the wizard one)
  8. Which was the first Hallow created?
  9. What is a snidget?
  10. What does the spell alarte ascendare do?

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