Harry Potter TEST

Many people consider themselves to be Harry Potter fans, but only a small percent can ever be considered true. Maybe you've watched the movies, but have you read the books?

Do you think you know all the details about this epic tale? Put your knowledge to the test by taking this in-depth quiz and prove to yourself once and for all the kind of fan you really are!

Created by: Kelsie
  1. What sweet treat did Harry receive during his trip to the zoo in "The Sorcerers Stone"?
  2. What was the name of Peter Pettigrew...in his rat form?
  3. In which shape is Harry's scar?
  4. What is the name of Ron Weasley's only sister?
  5. What is the first name of Albus Dumbledore's brother?
  6. Sybill Trelawney teaches which class at Hogwarts?
  7. Which plant shrieks loudly when pulled from the ground/it's pot?
  8. Which profession do both of Hermione's parents share in common?
  9. Zonko's is the shop in Hogsmede which specializes in which products?
  10. Professor Snape's first name is:
  11. Hagrid is half human and half what?
  12. When Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory touched the Triwizard Cup at the same time, they were transported to:
  13. Bill Weasley married:
  14. Which house did Ernie Macmillan belong to?
  15. Who rescued Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Gilderoy from the Chamber of Secrets?
  16. Professor Snape was always in love with:
  17. Where does Harry first meet Draco Malfoy?
  18. How many siblings does Harry Potter have?
  19. The animal which represents Hufflepuff is a:
  20. Which breed of dragon did Harry face during first task of the Triwizard Tournament?
  21. Before Harry Potter knew of the wizarding world, he believed his parents were killed:

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