Are You A True Potter Fan?

Many people have read Harry Potter. But most of those people are NOT true Potter fans: they try to read the books to break records and impress friends and family by reading the long and complex stories.

Are you a TRUE POTTER FAN? People love the saga, but hardly can remember anything from the books because they see the movies. If you think you know everything about the books, take this quiz to see how much you REALLY know about the series.

Created by: Makayla

  1. What hand does Harry use?
  2. Who does Harry marry?
  3. What holiday are James and Lily Potter murdered?
  4. What is Ron's middle name?
  5. What is Hermione's middle name?
  6. How many movies are there?
  7. What Weasley boy was killed?
  8. Who turns into Nagini in DH?
  9. What year was Tom Riddle when he made the diary?
  10. What is Sirius Black's Animagus?
  11. Okay those were the easy questions. What does Harry give the twins after the Triwizard Tournament?
  12. What does Dumbledore give Hermione in his will?
  13. What is the last word of the Hogwarts theme song?
  14. What is the last thing on the Muggle news in OOTP?
  15. What sport does Harry compare to Quidditch to in SS?
  16. What does Slughorn turn into in HBP?
  17. Is Ludo Bagman in the book, movie, both, or neither?
  18. Who sent Harry a valentine in the second book?
  19. Who is Seeker for the Bulgaria Quidditch team?
  20. What is the first word in the series (on page 1 of SS)?
  21. What is the last word in the series (the last word in 19 years later)?
  22. Who is the actor of Malfoy in the movies?
  23. Who is killed by Fiendfire in book 7?
  24. What color is the Knight Bus in Lego sets?
  25. Have you read all the books in the saga?

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