Are you a True Hary Potter fan ?

Everybody loves Harry Potter, and wants to read every book a d watch the films.However there are so many people who are true fans which is rare.What is a true fan?A fan that knows everything about the Harry Potter seiries and beyond.

Are you a TRUE fan?Do you read the books daily , every holiday, every year?Do you think you are? Well, soon your find out :). This Quiz is owned and written by:Hanally OWL Ratings at the end.

Created by: Hanally

  1. What house is Hannah Abbot sorted into?
  2. Is it supossed to be the Philosopher's stone or the sorcerers stone?
  3. What is Dumbledore's full name
  4. How many uniforms are there at Hogwarts (Dis including winter)?
  5. What is the Hogwarts uniform in reality?
  6. What is Ravenclaws colours?
  7. Where was Harry in his first time in the pensive?
  8. Did Fred and George invent this day dreaming thing in the half blood prince ?
  9. Where is Hogwarts?
  10. Do they most commonily say dorms in the books or dormitories?
  11. What is Pottermore?
  12. Does Harry Potter wiki exsist?
  13. Whats Potterwatch?
  14. How did Peter Pettigrew die?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Hary Potter fan ?