What hary potter carecter are YOU?

this quiz is called "What Hary Potter Charecter are YOU." I hope you like it.

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Created by: Gillian and Jacob

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  1. is you were makeing a wizarding school what would you name it?
  2. are you a dark wizard or a good wizard
  3. if you were a professor what would you teach?
  4. if you were to name a house what would it be
  5. what part of hogwarts would you like the most?
  6. what diagon ally place do you like the best.
  7. what is your favoratte magical itam?
  8. who is your favoratte?
  9. if you could make any magical obgect what would it be?
  10. if you could make any magical creature what would you call it?

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Quiz topic: What hary potter carecter am I?